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Air Conditioning Units and Related Products | Ambrose Air Inc.
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Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

With one of our heating and cooling systems in place, you’ll be able to precisely forecast your ideal comfort for years and years to come. Warm and toasty in the winter. Cool and refreshing all summer. Best of all, you’ll be able to select a unit that fits your budget. with our many SEER ratings, you’ll be sure to find one that is going to perfectly fit your needs.



Think of your furnace as the heart of your home. In the winter, it’s essential to radiating warmth. During the summer, it plays a vital role in moving refreshing, conditioned air from your cooling system. And all year long, your furnace could provide constant air circulation to keep you more comfortable. Not only that, but many of our furnaces do it all so efficiently your own heart might skip a beat when you see how low your utility bill is.

Indoor Air Quality

It takes more than an air conditioner to make sure the conditions in your air are ideal. Create a cleaner, fresher and healthier environment for your family with our ventilators, UV lamps, humidifiers and air purifiers. Consider your indoor air quality equipment when thinking of your health. Allergies are often improved upon with better air quality.

Fan and Evaporator Coils

Want to push your cooling unit’s efficiency to its highest level? It’s as easy as making sure you have the right fan coil to match. When you do, you could see improved HSPF from your heat pump, a jump of up to 2 points in the SEER rating of your air conditioner or heat pump—and an equally dramatic improvement in your utility bill.

Packaged Products - Home Comfort

Whether you want to replace an existing air conditioner or heat pump—or reduce your energy costs with a Hybrid Heat® solution—our packaged products could be the creative solution you’re looking for. These units are compact, yet provide excellent efficiency for homes of all sizes. Talk to us to see if a packaged unit makes sense for you.

Thermostats & Controls

Some people like to dictate every nuance of their climate, from humidity to temperature. Some like to tinker with timing. Some like to specify preferences in eight different rooms. And some people simply want the temperature to stay where they put it. We even have wifi-enabled units so you can monitor your AC while on the road with our AC management apps. That is why our line of thermostats and controls has something for everyone—including you.

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