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Ambrose Air, Inc. has been a family-owned AC repair and HVAC company in Orlando for over 25 years. Our slogan, “Honesty and Quality at a Fair Price,” speaks directly to our aim of keeping our customers happy.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Running a dining establishment, minimart, grocery store or anything else of the sort is a substantial commitment. Professionals who work with food and drink need to keep careful tabs on their refrigeration units at all times. Faulty commercial refrigerators can negatively affect businesses. They can cause businesses to lose profits and stock as well. If you’re experiencing any issues with the functioning of a commercial refrigerator, though, we’re delighted to inform you that we can tend to all of your repair needs. Ambrose Air Inc. is a prominent Orlando, Florida company that specializes in first-class commercial refrigerator repair service. Our trained, qualified and diligent technicians focus on commercial refrigeration units big and small, click here to know more. They focus on commercial refrigerators that cover many categories, too.

Broken Commercial Refrigerators and
How You Can Easily Identify Them

If your commercial refrigeration unit is experiencing difficulties, you’ll probably realize that quickly. There are a variety of indications, however, that can help clue you in. It’s critical to be aware of the fact that the sooner you invest in professional commercial refrigerator repair service, the better. Delaying managing issues can often exacerbate them considerably. Your goal should always be to nip commercial refrigerator problems in the bud as soon as possible. If you start getting monthly energy bills that are strangely expensive, there may be some type of issue with your commercial refrigerator. Units that aren’t efficient use up a lot of energy. That’s the reason you should always pay a lot of attention to energy bills that just don’t make any sense.

Focus on the seals located on your commercial refrigerator’s doors. Do they appear to be tired and old? If they do, they may be enabling cool air to get out of your refrigerator. This can force your unit to exert itself a lot more. This, in turn, can give you the shock of energy bills that are bizarrely high. It can also lead to a refrigerator that fails much quicker than it should.

Is the food you put in your refrigerator going bad? It is going bad quick than usual? Focus on the settings and tweak them if necessary. If you don’t experience any improvements, then you can turn to us for our attentive and thorough repair service.

Strange sounds frequently suggest commercial refrigeration unit issues. If your commercial refrigerator is a lot noisier than usual, there could be some kind of problem. Bizarre signs frequently point to system difficulties. If you dismiss these difficulties, they may get the chance to escalate as well.

Leaking is in many cases a clear sign of a faulty commercial refrigerator. Do you observe pooling water close to your refrigerator’s foundation? If you do, your unit may be broken. Leaking can minimize the overall efficiency of your unit. It can frequently bring on significant and unpleasant water damage, too. If you’re serious about steering clear of water damage and all of its related headaches, you need to manage refrigerator leaks as soon as possible.



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Ambrose Air, Inc. has been a family-owned AC repair and HVAC company in Orlando for over 25 years. Our slogan, “Honesty and Quality at a Fair Price,” speaks directly to our aim of keeping our customers happy.