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Noises Your AC Makes

6 Noises Your AC Makes and What They Mean

Have you heard strange noises when your air conditioner is blowing? It’s common for AC units to make some sounds while they are running. However, hissing, buzzing, or clicking noises can be a sign that something may be wrong with your AC unit. If you don’t fix the problem soon, it can lead to significant and expensive repairs. At Ambrose Air, Inc, we are experts when it comes to Orlando air conditioning repair. For years, we have dedicated ourselves to residential and business areas with professional care. Ambrose Air, Inc is here to tell you what some of the most common noises you hear from your air conditioner are, and what you can do to fix those problems. (more…)

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AC Repair Services

My AC Is Running, So Why Does My Florida Home Feel Humid & Muggy?

In our Florida climate, heat and humidity are significant concerns. In areas throughout Central Florida, the average annual humidity is 75 percent, with levels averaging much higher in the mornings. During the humid summertime, these numbers are generally higher, creating a distinctly damp environment. While your air conditioner should dehumidify your home and keep things cool, it doesn’t always do that properly. If your AC system is running, but your home still feels damp and humid, there are a few reasons that you may have to consider. (more…)

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AC unit allergies

Can Your AC Unit Help with Allergies?

Do you or your loved ones suffer from allergies every so often? If so, poor air-conditioning might be to blame. “But what does air-conditioning have to do with my sensitivity to allergies?”, you may ask.

Good question. Here’s the answer: your air-conditioner not only regulates the temperature of your air indoors, but it also filters out allergens like dust and pollen, and in doing so, cleans it. It also limits the humidity levels, which might contribute to mold and mite growth. (more…)

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Improve Air Quality

How to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Research shows indoor air can carry as much as 70% of pollutants than outdoor air. These contaminants irritate individuals who suffer allergies or asthma. Let’s look at how you can improve the quality of indoor air in your home.

Maintain clean floors

Always clean your floors, so that dust, allergens, and chemicals don’t accumulate on them. A vacuum fitted with a HEPA filter will come handy in reducing the build-up of dirt and contaminants including toxins, dust mites, and pet dander. Ensure that you vacuum clean areas with high traffic such as carpet and upholstered furniture.

Once you finish vacuum cleaning, mop your floors and walls to get rid of dust that your cleaner could have missed. Use clean water and a microfiber mop, which is more effective than conventional mops. (more…)

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