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Changing AC filters FAQ's | Ambrose Air Inc.

What are the risks of dirty AC filters?

A dirty AC filter can cause a slew of AC Repair problems. It can restrict the amount of air flow located in the building. If dust accumulates, it can cause damage to other parts of the system. Poor air quality is yet another issue that results from accumulated dirt in the system. The system can also work harder than it previously did, which could lead to higher energy costs. As the system works harder than it’s supposed to, one can expect to pay more in repairs.

How do you choose the right filter?

Furnace filters come in a range of different varieties. The filters must be matched to the unit. The appropriate filter type behaves similarly to a dirty air filter and can cause similar damage to the system. If replacing the filter, copy the information from the used filter for reference when purchasing the replacement filter.

How much time do I have before I need to change my air filter?

Start by checking for signs of any visible damage to the filter. Check the filter to see if the cells have collapsed. See if there are holes in the filter. See if there is any damage to the filter. The filter may seem damp, which creates an inviting environment conducive to mold growth. If there is any sign of dampness, the filter should be replaced immediately to maintain healthy indoor air quality. If there are any signs of must smells, you may have a mold problem that could lead to a respiratory illness or allergic reaction. The filter should be replaced as soon as possible.

When should you contact a professional?

If you notice that the filter seems to get dirty quickly after it has been changed, there may be a deeper system problem. If you see insects, mold or excessive dirt in your filters after you have replaced it, consider having a technician service the HVAC system before having the filter replaced again. If you have noticed that the system won’t turn on after replacing the filter, noisy operation or clogging problems, a technician can identify the root cause of the problem.

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