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Clogged AC Condensate Drain FAQ | Ambrose Air Inc.

What is the function of an AC condensate drain?

AC condensate drains are placed just outside the home to facilitate proper draining. The AC condensate lines are routed to a sink drain, so that the condensation can efficiently exit the home.

What should I use to clean my clogged AC drain?

Consult your manufacturer’s log to determine the best mix of products to use when cleaning your clogged AC condensate drain. Although many people still rely on vinegar and bleach, you may be able to get the drain unclogged with a wet vacuum and boiling hot water. Getting the perfect attachment that fits the pipe will simplify the unclogging process. If possible, avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning the drain. When in doubt, give our AC repair experts a call to help.

When is it time to clean the AC condensate drain?

A condensate drain is supposed to drip periodically. If dripping does not occur, you condensate drain pipe may get blocked. To check to see if it’s dripping properly, look for the outdoor compressor in the yard, which may be attached to the home. There should always be a steady, slow drip.

What causes the AC condensate drain to become clogged?

Landscaping and lawn care maintenance can back up the primary drain and lead to clogging. It drain line isn’t properly pitched, repeat clogging can become a problem. Sludge can build up when clogging occurs. This can be a breeding ground for spiders and insects. Neglect can lead to significant damage to the home.

Is there a way to prevent clogging?

Having your unit cleaned periodically throughout the year will keep the clogging problem under control. With a semi-annual maintenance plan, you will be far less likely to experience any clogging. Some suggest cleaning the drain on a monthly basis to remove any clogs.

Should I get it unclogged immediately?

The clogged ac drain should be cleared immediately for sanitary reasons. Mold, mildew and bacteria can be lodged in the system and enter into the home. Mold overgrowth and property damage can ultimately lead to health implications as well as cause serious property damage to the home.

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