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FAQ on defective AC Compressor | Ambrose Air Inc.

How common is it for an AC compressor to fail?

The AC compressor failure problem is common when needing Orlando AC repair. Issues like too little oil or installation errors increases chances of the unit failing.

What are signs to watch for?

An air conditioner compressor may start to make strange noises. It can sound like it’s having a hard time getting started up. It may even begin to lose some of its cooling power as this part starts to gradually failure.

Why is my AC not cooling as effectively as it used to?

Losing cooling capacity is a common problem as the compressor starts to fail. The compressor may have a hard time maintaining the appropriate level of pressure. Once it starts to lose its discharge capabilities, it’s better to replace this part since performance will continue to decline.

Why is my AC cycling on and off?

Shutting on and off is caused by the system’s inability to compensate for system deficiencies. The AC could be cycling on and off because the compressor’s capacitor is defective. The compressor could start to fail because it’s utilizing a higher level of amperage than normal. If the system begins to overload, it could end up cycling off. Low refrigerant charge and clogged filters are additional causes that can lead to short cycles.

Why is my AC not cutting on at all?

The compressor may be badly damaged. Replacing this part is necessary in order to get the unit to function normally again.

Is there anything I should do after replacing the compressor?

You should flush the compressor after replacing the part. The hoses should be thoroughly flushed. Over time, the debris can clog up the condenser and lead to extensive blockage in the tubes. The blockage not only diminishes performance, but it also leads to compressor failure. If you have an older system, you will have an easier time flushing the system if the system contains a serpentine-style tube and fin condensers. You also want to make sure that you have removed all of the debris from the old compressor to prevent the new system from failing.

What are the most common reasons for this type of failure?

Systems can fail due to neglect. The system has to be properly maintained. Something as simple as having too little oil in the system is enough to cause the system to malfunction. Parts incorrectly installed can cause the system to fail.

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