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Defective AC Fan Motor FAQ's | Ambrose Air Inc.

Why is the motor shaft loose?

If you are able to move your motor shaft with little effort, then the part is loose. This part shouldn’t be able to be moved at all. Replacing the fan motor can restore functionality and get the fan circulating properly again. The dual shaft fan motor becomes defective over time along with the bearings become loose.

What to expect when attempting to replace a defective AC fan motor?

The AC fan motor can be replaced for around $400. This is assuming that the fan motor has stopped running because of the start capacitor. When in doubt, contact our Orlando AC repair specialists for assistance.

How come I can hear the compressor running and the fan motor is not turning?

A bad capacitor could be the problem. You can purchase testing equipment of have it tested for free at a local hardware store. Capacitor testing will reveal the state of your AC fan motor.

Why is my AC producing so little air?

The blades on the fan get accumulate dust and debris, which will eventually slow down the system. The blower motor may have difficulty producing adequate amounts of air if the fan speed setting is wrong. Changing the fan speed may be all that’s needed to increase air flow through the system.

What do I do if the fan won’t turn?

The very troubleshooting step is to try to manually turn the blade on your own. Once you’ve verified that it can move, you need to see whether or not the system is getting enough power. If the power reaches the fan motor, but you aren’t able to get it running, you need to get a replacement AC fan motor.

How long is my system supposed to last?

You’re system can last up to 15 years if it is well-maintained. The average life of an air conditioning unit is ten years. The system should be serviced annually. With routing serving, aging parts can be quickly replaced before other system parts are affected.

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