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Believe it or not, one of the leading causes of faulty air conditioning systems is one of the smallest parts in the entire thing. A fan belt is crucial to the operation of the unit, and when one has gone bad, you will notice the problem immediately. What are the signs of a faulty fan belt and how do you fix them? Before you contact a company for AC service like Ambrose Air, you might want to look through this list.

When the unit kicks on, do you hear a loud squealing noise coming from it? This is perhaps the most obvious sign that the fan belt needs replacing. What happens is the part begins to wear out and starts slipping in the groove. This causes the fan to run at reduced speeds, and therefore become less effective. Over time the slipping will gradually get worse, and that small problem becomes far larger. When the fan isn’t cooling properly, you will obviously experience a lack of function and therefore feel the heat; so that vital piece of equipment you rely upon to survive those Florida summers is rendered ultimately ineffective. This is not an ideal situation, and you may be left wondering what you can do to fix the problem.

In addition to your personal discomfort, a faulty fan can mean that the unit itself isn’t being cooled properly, and the result of this is overheating. When a system overheats, it can lose power (which is the best option for you) or it can break completely. Losing power is an easy fix, and the unit will want to compensate for the increased heat. If it does not shut off however, the result can be catastrophic.

Inspection and Replacement

It’s in your best interest to contact a professional HVAC contractor to have a look if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms discussed; the reason being is that the fix is generally beyond a do it yourself job, and attempting to fix it may cause further damage that you aren’t aware of and definitely don’t want. Once notified, an expert will come take a look at the unit for you and try to assess where the loud squealing is coming from. As discussed, the chances of it being a fan belt are extremely high, and if you’ve contacted them at the onset of the issue, you still have a chance to protect your system from further harm.

A worn fan belt is easily replaced, and is a cheap part. Which is why we determine that it’s important to replace them once a year, because the cost of one small fan belt is exponentially less than what it would be to replace an entire system.

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The importance of calling an expert HVAC company cannot be understated when dealing with these issues. We know what to look for when there’s a problem, and we can accurately assess what needs to be done in order to bring you back to the comfort that you so desire. So do not hesitate to call us if you’ve been experiencing a loud squealing noise or any other cooling issues, because the only danger for you is time.

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