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AC fan belt repair FAQ's | Ambrose Air Inc.

Why is my air conditioner making strange noises?

Strange noises can happen if the belt has suddenly become worn or if the belt slipped out of place. The noises can be heard clearly through the vents in the home. The belts can be re-adjusted. If readjustment doesn’t resolve the problem, have them replaced. If you need help, call our ac repair experts today for assistance.

Why isn’t the fan blowing?

A fan can stop blowing if the belt is malfunctioning. It isn’t uncommon to hear the fan motor operating smoothly even though no air is be channeled through the unit. Replacing the belt is probably the best move.

Why is my motor running but my blower isn’t moving?

The air handler and the motor are connected by a belt. The belt can be replaced if it has worn thin over the years. If you suspect that it has shifted from the right position, then repositioning the belt could resolve the problem.

Can my blower spin without a belt intact?

The blower assembly can in fact spin if the belt isn’t in place. The blower assembly won’t spin properly if the belt is broken. If the belt is lower than it should be, the fan assembly may not turn properly. This is the case for newer systems with an electric motor drive shaft where the blower assembly operates separately from the fan assembly.

What is causing the squeaking sound from my unit?

The squeaking problem can be caused by a lack of lubricant. Proper lubrication may resolve the problem. The squeaking can also mean that the belt is starting to go bad, which means you have very little time for the belt breaks altogether.

How do I match the correct replacement belt to my unit?

If it’s time to replace the belt, you can pull the information needed off of the old belt. It’s usually located somewhere on the surface of the belt. The information is important to make sure that you are matching the belt size, style and length of the original. If you happen to have an old manufacturer’s log, this information may be somewhere inside of it.

How do I know when it’s time to check my belt on the AC unit?

Whenever you hear sounds or one section of the system is functioning smoothing while the other isn’t at all, consider having a professional troubleshoot the system to have the belt replaced.

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