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AC Refrigerant Leak FAQ's | Ambrose Air Inc.

Is a refrigerant leak dangerous?

A refrigerant leak can be dangerous in certain scenarios. If the leak gets to a certain level, the toxins can become dangerous if they are inhaled. If inhaled, nausea, asphyxiation, and headache can happen. AC repair may be needed ASAP.

Should I refill the unit if it is leaked?

It is not recommended that the unit be refilled if there is a leak. The leak should first be stopped and underlying problem should be resolved before adding refrigerant to the system.

What comes in a leak repair kit?

A leak repair kit will come with a valve, sealant and hose. It’s important to note that these kits are best suited for smaller leaks. The kits may lose their charge within a year’s time.

What caused the refrigerant leak to happen?

There are several common causes for the problem. A shrader valve may need to be replaced if the leak originates from that area. If the leak is caused by a rust hole in the accumulator, the heat pump accumulator should be replaced. There may be additional repairs that need to be made to the system prior to replacing the piece. If the problem stems from capillary tube damage, then there may not be much that can be done without professional assistance. The entire system has to be taken apart to access the capillary tube. The tube would have to have copper tubing soldered over it in order to restore the system. If the leak results from the flare connection, the piece may have to be replaced or reworked, which may require the expertise of a technician. If the leaking problem is because of the heat pump coil, replacing this component will resolve the issue.

How do larger leaks need to be addressed?

Smaller leaks may be resolved by installing a repair kit. Larger leaks pose a safety risk and should always be managed by an experienced repair technician. Soldering may be required to repair certain areas. Parts may have to be replaced in different sections of the system.

How does the refrigerant leak impact performance of the system?

If the leak isn’t repaired and properly tested once charged, the system will perform inefficiently. The system cannot be undercharged or overcharged if optimal efficiency is the goal.

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