Ambrose Air, Inc. has been a family-owned AC repair and HVAC company in Orlando for over 25 years. Our slogan, “Honesty and Quality at a Fair Price,” speaks directly to our aim of keeping our customers happy.

We have specialized Indoor Air Quality Solutions to help with any contaminants or allergens in your home. There is no better time than now.

Orlando Air Conditioning Services

AC Repair

In Florida, one of the most important things you can have is a functioning air conditioner. The moment that your air conditioning system goes out, you’re at the whim of harsh Florida …

Air Conditioner Installation

We offer reliable Air Conditioner installation and replacement services in the Orlando FL area, serving both residential and commercial customers.

Emergency AC Repair

Ambrose Air, Inc. takes pride in our fast response time when helping you with our emergency AC repair service.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your air conditioning system will ensure that it performs optimally, lasts longer and keeps your energy costs as low as possible….

Commercial Air Conditioning Service

When you’re running a business, you’ve got better things to worry about than your air conditioning and heating system. Our commercial AC service offers installation, repair,

Duct Cleaning

Rule of thumb for consumers is that “if your ducts look dirty, they probably are,” and that dirty HVAC systems should be inspected by a reputable, certified HVAC professional.

Our Heating and Air Conditioning Team Delivers


Our company policy is to only use the highest quality HVAC products, and as such we are proud of our work with Daikin and their devices. Over our 25+ years of experience in Orlando, Florida we’ve come to believe that the quality is what really determines the worth of a system, which is why we have long-term product warranties to go along with our highly skilled installation services.


We highly suggest you see our online reputation as proof of our quality and success. We have gotten great feedback from our clients, and we know that we can transfer that to you as well. The reviews on our website are fed directly from our feedback system to assure you are going to get honest feedback from real customers who have worked with us in the past.


Your system doesn’t abide by a clock. It may go down at any time, and you’re going to need help as soon as possible. Once you call us, we strive to make ourselves available at your earliest convenience to help get your system up and running yet again.


Our air conditioning services have unbeatable prices. You’ve likely gone around and compared prices to select the best contractor with the best value. One of the things that makes us unique is that we offer financing options, with approved credit, if you’re interested in them. We strive to make ourselves as flexible as possible for your needs.


At Ambrose Air Inc, it is our goal to not only ensure you have a fully functioning AC unit, but we also care about your experience with us. We will always make sure your needs come first. We will work with you to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations.”


We know from experience that your time is the most important thing. As a result, we can meet you where and when is most convenient for you. Our entire staff is trained to be as flexible as possible with your needs. It’s one of the ways that makes us unique from the rest.

See what our clients are saying about us…

When you work with Ambrose Air, they will make you feel like a valued customer, and not just another number. I love the personal and friendly service that they provide. I would recommend them to everyone!
Brenda Daniels

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Ambrose Air, Inc. has been a family-owned AC repair and HVAC company in Orlando for over 25 years. Our slogan, “Honesty and Quality at a Fair Price,” speaks directly to our aim of keeping our customers happy.