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Troubleshooting Common Air Conditioner Problems

AC Troubleshooting
The last thing you want to happen on a sweltering summer afternoon in Florida is for your air conditioner to quit working. Regular maintenance of your cooling system can prevent the vast majority of issues from striking, but occasionally, problems arise even despite your best attempts. Complications can occur for a plethora of reasons, from clogged air filters to the positioning of plants and other debris hindering your air conditioner from working efficiently. Faulty installation, even if you were unaware of the shoddy work at the time, is another common culprit that can contribute to your air conditioner malfunctioning. The average lifespan of an air conditioning and HVAC unit is 15 years, so if yours hasn’t reached this point, there’s a pretty good chance it’s repairable. Albeit there are certain problems that will need to be remedied by a licensed professional, many nuisances are an affordable and easy fix. Next time you find yourself struggling to figure out what’s causing your air conditioner to fail, consider these common problems and their solutions: (more…)

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Common AC Issues

One of a homeowner’s worst nightmares is AC breakdown. AC units have many components and one faulty cog in the machine is all it takes for system failure. Some issues are common and can be easily resolved.

Your filters may need to be changed, or the system may just need a hard reset. If your AC unit fails, first check circuit breakers and fuses. Caution is required, however, and you will need to allow your unit to cool down for a few minutes before attempting any resets.
Common issues with AC range from simple overheating, to wire corrosion that will need to be addressed by a professional. Homeowners may be capable of fixing some issues themselves. But, because certain components of you AC unit may pose an electrical or fire hazard, professional assistance may be required for any tampering with any wiring or circuit issues. (more…)

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Air Duct Maintenance Tips

Air Duct Maintenance Tips

Air duct maintenance is crucial for sustaining your cooling and heating units. Air ducts are hollow tubes that circulate cooled or heated air throughout your house. Air passes through the ducts, and helps form your home’s ventilation system. Since air ducts are concealed within walls, floors and ceilings, regular maintenance can be easily forgotten. Neglected air ducts can lead to bigger problems down the line like leaks, clogs, build-up of mold and dust, and energy waste. (more…)

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Heater Maintenance Tips

Heater Maintenance In Florida

Thinking about your heater is most likely not a top priority as a sunshine state resident, but it is imperative to maintain your heater if you live in Florida. Performing regular maintenance maximizes the life cycle of your heating unit and guards against many common equipment failures. Regular maintenance prevents common issues which may arise when neglected. Preventative care for your heating unit ensures maximum efficiency and gives you peace of mind knowing your heater will function properly when you need it. Who has the time and money for unexpected heating failures? By performing regular maintenance, you can spend your time focusing on what really matters, and savor precious time with family. (more…)

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