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Benefits of WiFi Thermostats

Getting a WiFi thermostat can be an excellent option for a busy professional or a family that is always on the go. Instead of having to be near your thermostat to change the temperature, a WiFi thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature all from the app on your phone. The WiFi thermostat connects to your home wireless system and allows you to use both tablets or cellphones to operate.

What are WiFi Thermostats?

A WiFi thermostat has several remarkable features that make them very useful for new homeowners. It operates effectively without overstepping boundaries and taking control of the temperature itself, like a smart thermostat may do. For example, a WiFi thermostat may be a great option to have for those who travel a lot, especially during hot summer months. You would not have to worry about your thermostat breaking down because you will be able to monitor it from your phone.

A WiFi thermostat also has voice command abilities which allows you to speak to it directly. Another cool feature that comes with WiFi thermostats is that you do not have to program your schedule every time it changes. A WiFi thermostat can detect your phone’s location and calculate how far you are from home, turning up the temperature to your preference when you arrive.

Benefits of WiFi Thermostats

There are many benefits that come with investing in a WiFi thermostat. Here are a few of them:

Control Remotely

One of the most well-loved benefits is the ability to control your thermostat remotely. Before you arrive home each day, turn your thermostat down with your phone app you you’ll come back to a cool and comfortable home. Going on vacation? Control the temperature even if you’re far away.

You might have left your home in a rush, forgetting to set the thermostat. Either way, there are so many situations whereby you’d really enjoy the convenience and benefit of being able to control your HVAC from afar.

Awareness of HVAC Issues

When you are not home, you might not even realize when issues arise in your HVAC. When you have a WiFi thermostat, however, the remote control of the WiFi thermostat can alert you to any issues that arise. Once you are aware of the issues in your HVAC system, you can address them before they get worse.

Saving Energy and Reducing Costs

When you upgrade to a WiFi thermostat, you will be able to save a lot of money in energy costs. You will be able to program your thermostat to run less when you are not home so it will not be wasting energy unnecessarily. You can even program it to turn on right when your family members are supposed to come home, so that your home is at a comfortable temperature.

Built-in Data Collection

Your WiFi thermostat will collect data from your usage and compile a report for you to see. This way, you will be able to watch how much your system is being used so you can adjust your habits and lifestyle accordingly. Track your usage and understand your home energy usage profile. It can even let you know when it is time to change out your filter, based entirely on an energy usage report.

Keeping Family Members Accountable

Having common arguments about who changed the thermostat temperature at home? Having a WiFi thermostat will instill a sense of accountability, because there will be a report to indicate when the thermostat was adjusted.


There are many benefits that come with investing in a WiFi thermostat. Installing one could give you the freedom to worry about one less thing in your home. You will be able to save costs and stay comfortable in and away from your home.