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Heater Maintenance In Florida

Thinking about your heater is most likely not a top priority as a sunshine state resident, but it is imperative to maintain your heater if you live in Florida. Performing regular maintenance maximizes the life cycle of your heating unit and guards against many common equipment failures. Regular maintenance prevents common issues which may arise when neglected. Preventative care for your heating unit ensures maximum efficiency and gives you peace of mind knowing your heater will function properly when you need it. Who has the time and money for unexpected heating failures? By performing regular maintenance, you can spend your time focusing on what really matters, and savor precious time with family.

Common Issues With Heaters

Appliances were invented to make our lives easier. While we enjoy the fruits of their labor, underlying issues may be lurking. Several common issues develop when heating units are neglected, but are easily remedied with preventative maintenance. Consistent inspections can reveal leaks, rust, accumulating rot or soot, frayed wires, and corroding electrical contacts. Sure, you may be able to perform a quick fix for simple leaks and blockages, or merely flip a switch in the fuse box, but a quick fix only offers a temporary solution.

Many issues require a licensed professional, trained and certified to handle your heating unit. Some early warning signs, such as smoke and soot, are minor issues which can be repaired quickly and inexpensively if the consumer is proactive. You heating unit requires inspections and tune-ups just like a car.

What Happens When You Don’t Maintain Your Heater?

You and your family can be left in the cold right when you need your heater the most. Heaters usually malfunction due to lack of maintenance. Yearly inspections prolong the life cycle of your heating unit, save energy, prevent health risks, and catch potential issues early on.

A neglected heating unit runs less efficiently, which forces it to work harder, leading to higher energy bills. Old and new units alike both require regular maintenance. Newer units can initially perform smoothly, but when not maintained, are susceptible to the same issues as older units. A certified and licensed professional will confidently inspect your intricate heating unit, checking several different important factors.

Common areas checked during an annual inspection include: thermostat regulation, dirty coils and filters, dirty blower, blocked condenser, leaks, and power malfunctions. Simple cleaning or part replacement is a lot more manageable than having to replace your entire heating system.

When Should You Hire A Professional?

Browsing a search engine for quick fixes of your heating unit does not replace the professional know-how of a licensed serviceman. A certified technician has the skill set and experience to perform quality work. Along with the thorough work completed on the most intricate system in your house, you will receive a warranty for this work, giving you peace of mind.

With all of the issues that may arise with an un-maintained heater, why gamble with your family’s safety and comfort? Annual inspections provide preventative care for your heating unit by catching issues early on, and maintaining clean and properly functioning parts.

A maintained unit saves you money on your monthly energy bill, and prevents more costly repairs down the line. With a maintained heater, you guarantee your family will be comfortable all year long. Please schedule your annual appointment today.