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Air conditioning service Orlando is an important part of routine upkeep. If you don’t get your AC serviced, you’re likely to encounter problems later on that can be costly to repair. During the summer, it’s inevitable that your AC will have to work harder, and the last thing you want is for it to break down amid the heat. Keep reading to understand why you’re more likely to need AC servicing during the summer and why it pays to be prepared beforehand.

Why Am I More Likely to Need AC Servicing During the Summer?

Unfortunately, during the summer, your AC is more likely to need servicing. You use your AC more frequently and for longer periods during the summer, which can lead to it breaking down and needing to be serviced. When it’s run during the summer, it undergoes a lot more stress than it would at other times of the year.

Air Takes Longer to Cool

The hot summer air is much more difficult to cool off than warm spring air or even fall temperatures. This means that your AC is working harder and longer to produce the same cool air. This reduces the cooling capacity that your AC has, which puts more strain on the system. It can also wear it out quickly as it has to work twice as hard to achieve normal results.

More Power Consumption

When your AC is running all the time, it’s going to consume much more power. In the summer, when temperatures are high, you can expect your AC to need more energy when you leave it running all day. Unfortunately, as temperatures rise, the efficiency of your AC drops, and more power is needed to achieve the same results.

Shortened Lifespan

Summer means hot temperatures all the time, even during the night. This means that your AC never gets a break and is working 24/7 to keep your house cool. Constantly having to work will quickly shorten the lifespan of your AC unit, making it more likely to require repairs or even a replacement much sooner.

Room Temperatures Increase With Outdoor Temperatures

Despite your best efforts, indoor room temperatures will mirror outdoor temperatures. When it heats up outside, it’s going to heat up inside. While your AC works to counteract this phenomenon, it won’t ever be able to completely neutralize it. Especially when temperatures reach above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Why You Really Should Be Preparing Your AC Before Summer

When your AC starts having issues in the summer, unfortunately, many other people will also be experiencing the same thing. This can mean that you’ll need to wait several days before a professional can come to check out your AC. In the middle of a heat wave, this can be miserable.

To avoid long wait times and miserably hot summer days, it’s important that you get your AC serviced before summer begins. This will help prepare your AC for the high temperatures to come and will help ensure it’s more capable of handling them.

By servicing your AC in the spring, you can get ahead of future problems. Our technicians will be readily available to prepare your AC for high temperatures by checking the refrigerant, ensuring the fan works, and performing general maintenance needs. This will reduce the risk of your AC breaking down during the summer so that you don’t have to worry.


Your AC goes through a lot during the summer. High temperatures are brutal, but it’s important that your home maintains a bearable temperature for your comfort. By preparing your AC before summer comes and getting it professionally serviced, you can rest assured that your AC will be ready to take on summer temperatures.