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Whether you have an AC window unit or a full HVAC system, it’s important that you provide your air conditioning in Orlando with the care it needs, or you run the risk of it breaking down when you most need it. Unfortunately, many people don’t seem to fully understand just how important regular care and maintenance is.

While your AC may run fine now, there are a lot of problems that may be lurking until they get out of control. To avoid this, scheduling an annual AC inspection is your best bet.

Why Should You Schedule an Annual AC Inspection?

Regular inspections mean regular maintenance, which, in turn, can help address problems before they arise and prevent common complications. Even if your AC runs fine now, that may not be the case once temperatures start to rise. After all, your AC will need to work harder in the middle of summer than it will during spring or fall.

With an annual AC inspection, you’ll benefit from a myriad of improvements.

Better Efficiency

Dirt and debris have a way of getting lodged in your AC. Over time, if this is left unchecked, your AC will stop being as efficient. It’ll need to work harder and use more energy just to produce the same results. 

One of the biggest reasons people decide not to have their AC inspected is to save money, but this actually has the opposite effect. By forgoing an annual inspection, you’ll end up spending more money on energy bills in an attempt to keep your AC running at the same level it was the year before. These minor issues often lead to more expensive repairs that could have been taken care of well in advance and for much less.

Improved Performance

Your AC experiences a lot of stress during the hottest time of the year, and if you don’t take care of it, its performance will start to deteriorate.

There are many different working parts within your AC, and for it to function as expected, all of these parts need maintenance and attention. While your AC may appear fine on the inside, dirt, grime, and minor tears or breaks can cause many internal issues. Unfortunately, you may not even realize it until the weather gets unbearably hot and your AC just isn’t performing.

Enhanced Air Quality

ACs circulate the air in your home, so it’s important that they’re clean and capable of providing good air quality. If the air they produce is full of contaminants and dirt, you’ll notice it as your health declines. For those who suffer from allergies or asthma, the reduced air quality will be all the more noticeable.

It’s up to you to ensure that the air quality in your home is safe and clean. Part of the way you need to do that is by having your AC regularly checked. A technician will be able to examine the air filter and other components that have an impact on the air quality.


When it comes down to it, an annual AC inspection is worth it for a small price. It allows you to be proactive with maintenance and prevent problems from arising, so your AC can function optimally. If you want to make the best choice for your AC, then an annual inspection is the least you can do, so call us today to schedule your AC inspection!