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If your air conditioning unit has a small leak, you’ll probably be tempted to fix it on your own and save some money. After all, it’s just a very small leak; how hard could it be to fix?

While you may think it’s a small, easy fix, there is usually an underlying issue that needs to be repaired. Leaks are very rarely just leaks which means that even if they’re small, there’s most likely something else that needs to be taken care of.

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Do I Really Need to Hire an Air Conditioning Service?

If you want your air conditioner to continue to function, then the answer is yes; you will need to contact an air conditioning service to inspect and perform the necessary repairs. If neglected, a leak can cause a lot of damage to your home and affect the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Even small leaks require a professional service. As air conditioners are complicated systems, the last thing you want to do is cause further damage by trying a DIY solution. While you may think it will save you money, it can actually lead to even more significant and more expensive problems.

Potential Causes of an Air Conditioning Leak

Clogged Air Filter

A lot of the time, a leak is a sign that your air filter is clogged. Clogged air filters can lead to your evaporator coils icing up. When they begin to thaw, water will leak out of your system, and all you’ll see is a small leak.

Broken Condenser Pump

A bigger problem that can lead to leaks is a broken condenser pump. As the condensation pump pushes water outside your home, a broken one will lead to leakage and an inefficient air conditioning unit. To fix this, the pump will need to be repaired or replaced by a professional.

Improper Installation

If your air conditioner is new and it’s already leaking, then it could be because it was installed improperly. It may even be missing vital parts such as a P-trap and vent line to prevent water from being drawn back in.

Improper installation is a pain to deal with, especially if you have a central AC system. You’ll need to hire a professional to take a look to verify that the system was installed properly and to identify what’s making it leak.

Blocked Drain Hole

Over time, dust and dirt collect in the drain hole of an air conditioner. While this is normal, it can cause problems after a while. As the dirt builds up and blocks the drain hole, excess water will have nowhere to go except down the side of your AC.

Full Drain Pan

Right before the drain hole is the drain pan. This is where water runs to drain out of the unit, but if the drain pan gets full and water is unable to leave, then it will start to trickle down the sides of your AC and lead to leaks. 

Rusty or Damaged Drain Pan

With high humidity, rust is likely to form on your AC’s drain pan. Over time, this rust will create holes in the drain pan and weaken it until water spills out easily. If the drain pan has been damaged in any way, it may also lead to leaks. To fix a rusted or damaged drain pan, a professional will need to come and replace it as well as make sure nothing is blocking the drain hole.


Small leaks are often a result of a more significant issue that can’t be solved on your own. Without professional experience, you wouldn’t know what the exact issue is, so don’t be tempted to fix the problem yourself. Call us today, so we can have a look at your AC system and fix the issue.