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As the weather starts to warm up, more people will be installing their air conditioners for the summer months. But after so long without being used, AC units can be prone to problems, requiring some maintenance or repairs. To save time and money, you might be tempted to attempt the job yourself. However, you can end up doing far more damage than you may have originally paid for.

How trying to fix your AC Unit yourself can end up costing you more money.

If you think that handling your own air conditioning unit repairs will help you to save money, it is important to consider these factors:.

Warranty Voids

Something you may have forgotten is the impact it will have on your warranty. The warranty provided for your air conditioning unit may not cover the issue, or any issues in the future, if you do not use a professional to handle the problem. That means you will need to pay for everything out of pocket from then on if you try to fix things yourself.

Injury Costs

When working with an AC unit, you are dealing with mechanics, electricity, and refrigeration. That means there are plenty of ways to make the problem worse and cause injury to yourself. Injuries can occur while trying to fix the system, or while running it if repairs weren’t handled properly. Electric shock, leaks and injury to your hands are all very common with DIY repairs. You then have to face the costs of injury to yourself and your home.

Certification Requirements

To work on an air conditioning unit, you must have the proper certification. The EPA requires anyone who works on units that use certain chemicals and refrigeration mechanisms to be certified to do so under the Clean Air Act. This means that you will need to either go through the process of getting certified to work on your AC unit, or face fines from the United States government.

Tools and Parts Required

To handle the repairs yourself, you need to have the proper tools for the job. This means buying tools and equipment you may otherwise never need. You will also need to purchase parts for your AC unit, which is another cost to you.

Unfinished Work

Just like a repair to your car, you wouldn’t go in with no experience to try to diagnose a problem. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to look at the entire unit and identify any problems. This means that they can diagnose your system accurately and work quickly to repair the issue. They will also know exactly what parts they need. You won’t have to worry about unfinished work or accidentally missing a part that needed to be fixed.


Much like you wouldn’t want to risk fixing your roof, fridge, or electrical system yourself, you don’t want to take on your air conditioning AC repair yourself. You could end up not repairing the issue successfully, or worst, you could end up exacerbating the problem. Ultimately, you could end up paying a professional Orlando AC repair company to fix the initial problem, and possibly more. Save yourself money, and prevent further problems during those hot months when you need an AC unit most by having a professional handle the repairs.