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In our Florida climate, heat and humidity are significant concerns. In areas throughout Central Florida, the average annual humidity is 75 percent, with levels averaging much higher in the mornings. During the humid summertime, these numbers are generally higher, creating a distinctly damp environment. While your air conditioner should dehumidify your home and keep things cool, it doesn’t always do that properly. If your AC system is running, but your home still feels damp and humid, there are a few reasons that you may have to consider.

Your AC Isn’t Running Often Enough

Your air conditioner naturally reduces the humidity levels in your house since cold air holds less moisture. However, your AC system doesn’t effectively pull moisture from the home if it’s not running. Therefore, after an afternoon rain shower, your house will still hold your temperature settings. However, the extra water in your home can still make its way in. As a result, your house will still feel muggy.

An easy fix for this is to keep your air conditioner constantly running. Your AC unit actually uses less energy when it’s running for extended periods than it will when it cycles on and off regularly. This method won’t necessarily raise your energy bills as much as you are thinking.

You Need AC Repairs

When warm air passes over the coils in your AC unit, it leaves some of that water behind. The water then drips off the coil, into the condensate pan and exits your AC system through the condensate drain. If any part of the system is malfunctioning, it can cause higher humidity levels than normal. Your house can still feel humid due to the condensate drain being clogged or if there isn’t enough refrigerant in the coil. Contact Ambrose Air, Inc for a quick diagnosis and effective solution to any air conditioner repairs.

Your System Is Too Large for Your Home

Sizing is critical when it comes to the effectiveness of your air conditioner. An AC system that’s too large won’t run enough to remove the humidity. While it will still dehumidify your home, it won’t be able to deliver the comfort levels that you need. The professionals at Ambrose Air, Inc can inspect your system and ensure its sized correctly. If you don’t have the right AC unit for your home, upgrading to one that is adequate will significantly improve the comfort levels in your home.

You Need a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

In certain circumstances, even an efficient, properly sized AC system won’t be enough to fully counteract against the humidity that people have to deal with in Florida. If you can’t get the comfort, you need with your air conditioner, a whole-home dehumidifier may be your best option. This fits in your existing AC system and dehumidifies air throughout your house.

If you’re struggling with humidity in your home, contact Ambrose Air, Inc to explore your options for fixing your AC repairs. We offer efficient air conditioner repair, new installations, and much more to help you get the cold comfort you require during the Florida heat.