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You just got a new AC unit installed, and it seems to work fine. So do you actually need to get a tune-up from an air conditioning service in Orlando? The simple answer is – yes, you do. Not only will a tune-up keep your AC unit in good working condition, but it will save you the trouble of dealing with any potential problems when you really need that cool air during the summer.

Do I Really Need a Tune-up For a Relatively New AC Unit?

You should get regular AC tune-ups once a year, usually in the spring season, before you genuinely need the AC to cool your home during the summer. This will allow you to check on any potential problems early on, not to mention that technicians will be less busy before the heat kicks in.

Why Tune-up a New AC Unit?

Maybe you got your new unit just last year. You’ve only used it for a year, so why would it already need a tune-up?

Since you probably didn’t use your AC much during the winter, you might smell something burning or musty when you turn it on. This is because the unit fills with dust and debris, making the system less efficient.

Not to mention that there might be issues that you can’t see, such as possible leaks or electrical problems. An annual tune-up will ensure that there are no issues with any of the internal machinery.

Save Money

Tuning a new AC unit goes a long way in saving you money, partially because you will be able to clear out the dust and debris that make the unit work harder. In addition, getting it tuned and efficient means your AC will work optimally.

You will also save money by preventing any future issues. A regular tune-up prevents breakdowns by keeping small problems minor. Instead of letting something turn into a more significant problem that costs more, checking your unit regularly will keep it working well.


Your AC unit might be newer, but a regular tune-up will keep the unit working properly for much longer. You’re eliminating any potential problems and preventing costly repairs, which will ultimately keep your unit working as it should long-term.


In terms of saving money, one of the best things you can do is to abide by your warranty—which may say that you need to perform regular maintenance on your unit. Even new units should be inspected according to some warranties. Even if you don’t void your warranty by missing an inspection, you should still perform regular tune-ups to ensure you keep the unit running well.

What Happens During a Tune-up?

A technician will do a basic check on your AC unit. This includes cleaning or replacing the air filter, especially if this is something you don’t do on a monthly basis yourself.

They might also calibrate your thermostat as well so that you have the best energy efficiency possible, and check your electrical connections. This is key to your safety and to the overall operation of the unit.

Expect them to test the key components to your unit as well, which might involve the voltage or amperage. They also check for any signs of visible wear, damage, or corrosion. They might also lubricate the parts inside to keep the whole unit working well.


Your AC unit is relatively new, so why should you go through the effort of getting a tune-up? There are many reasons, including saving money and ensuring that your unit is working efficiently. Ultimately, a tune-up will keep you cool during the summer when you really need it. Give our team a call today so we can get your AC ready and running optimally for the hotter months ahead!