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Along with beautiful weather, Spring brings along an ever-growing list of spring cleaning tasks that you need to get done. When you compile your list, don’t forget to add your AC system to your chores. AC systems are crucial to your everyday comfort and deserve just as much attention as every other area of your home, which is why you need regular AC maintenance and air conditioning repair services.

Here’s a quick AC system cleaning checklist to get you started this season.

AC System Spring Cleaning Checklist

Vacuum Your Vents

AC air vents have a tendency to attract dust and small particles. Vacuuming your AC vents each spring will help clear away the dust that has accumulated throughout the year, preventing it from spreading around your home when you start to use the system next time.

You can simply use the vacuum head attachment of your vacuum cleaner to get the job done. If the vent is particularly dirty though, you could use water and a cloth to remove the dust and debris.

Clean the Exterior of Your AC System

The backs and sides of your unit are exposed to the elements. Because of this, the vents and crevices in these areas are prone to developing debris buildup that needs to be cleaned. Before you start this checklist item though, make sure that you’ve turned off your unit’s power supply.

Use a low-pressure hose to remove grass clippings, leaves, dirt, and other debris from the exterior part of your AC system. External debris can block air flow into and out of your system, which can decrease its efficiency. This can lead to poor output, damage, and a shortening of the unit’s lifespan. You’ll likely have to manually remove larger pieces of debris, too, during this step.

Replace the Air Filter

Your AC’s air filter is the component that is responsible for filtering debris from the air that flows into the unit. Typically, air filters are accordion-like parts that are locked behind a grate on the front of the unit.

Since their job is to catch debris, they get dirty quite quickly. Just like the exterior portion of your unit, they tend to get neglected when it comes to maintenance. Every year when you create your AC cleaning checklist, be sure to change your HVAC filter.

Air filters can generally be purchased for a reasonable price at any hardware store that sells electrical tools and accessories.

Clear the Space Around the Unit

You may not know this but AC units are supposed to have two feet of clearance on all sides. This is to ensure that the unit has adequate air flow, does not overheat, and does not get damaged by external objects.

So be sure to clear away any tall weeds or bushes that have started to crowd around your AC unit before you turn it on for the season. This also means that you should double check that there are no garden tools or anything resting against the unit.


AC units are a crucial component in your home, especially for the summer months. Unfortunately, they get neglected more often than they get the care they need. Using the list of action items above, you’ll now be able to give your AC system the thorough cleaning it deserves. If you want to save time and hassle, bring in the experts to help you give your AC system a detailed and professional spring clean.