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With the sweltering summer comes a spike in your electric bill. Almost half of your energy consumption goes to cooling your home. That’s because your AC is working extra-hard during the hot season. So, if you could keep it from overworking, your electricity bill won’t climb with the mercury.

Fortunately, there are ways to cut your cooling costs. Fortunately, Ambrose Air Inc, is here to break down some of the most useful tips you can use to slash your electricity consumption this summer.


More recent AC units can cool more area for the same energy as your old system — sometimes as much as 30% more space. That makes the newer generation of air conditioners far more energy efficient than their older counterparts. It’s not difficult to see how investing in a newer unit can drive down your energy costs.

As a rule of thumb, if your unit is almost a decade old, a replacement might be in order. Find a unit with an Energy-Star qualification. The higher that rating, the more energy efficient your system will be.

One caveat though. Have your system installed by a certified professional because sloppy installation work can lose the efficiency of your system by up to 27%.

If you’d rather get your old AC serviced or repaired, contact Ambrose Air, Inc and schedule an appointment.

Make use of fans

A ceiling fan can complement your air conditioning in manifold ways because it helps circulate the air more efficiently – this is called the “wind chill effect.” Fans can help save roughly 40% on cooling costs for only a fraction of your air conditioner’s energy consumption.

Open the windows

Same as fans, windows can help disperse the air by circulating it. If it gets nippy at night in your area, windows will allow fresh air to replace the heated air indoors, which means your air-conditioner won’t have to put in that much extra effort for cooling.

The sun can heat your rooms in the daytime, putting unnecessary strain on your cooling systems. A no-brainer solution would be to put up blinds on your windows to keep the sunlight out.

Make use of a thermostat

If you set your thermostat roughly at 72 degrees, it can significantly drive down your air conditioning costs. And remember that every degree matter when you’re trying to conserve energy.

For maximum savings, consider investing in a thermostat that automates the operation with a timer. The programmable thermostat will automatically turn the air-conditioning to “low” or “off” during scheduled hours or days of the week. This saves you both the frustration of leaving an AC running when you leave the house, as well as cooling costs.

Switch your old filters for new ones

A spent air filter obstructs the circulation of air which puts a strain on your cooling system. So just by replacing the filter every three months, you can save anywhere between 5 and 15% on your air-conditioning bills.