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AC units can be expensive to replace, so you’d want to make your current unit last as long as possible. While most AC units will last 10-15 years, you can stretch this lifespan if you plan ahead and take good care of your AC.

With regular maintenance and some tips, here are some ways to help your AC unit last as long as possible.

  1. Open All the Vents

In order to save energy, many people close vents in rooms they don’t use. Unfortunately, this means your AC has to work harder to cool down your home. This extra strain can take years off your AC, and you’ll find yourself having to replace it sooner rather than later. To avoid putting extra strain on your AC, open all the AC vents in your home and allow your AC to run as usual.

  1. Keep Your AC Cool

Your AC is there to keep you cool, but if you want it to work well and last long, you’ll need to ensure the unit itself is kept cooll. Placing your AC unit in direct sunlight or letting it get warm can be harmful to it. 

Just like other devices, when your AC is in the sun, it’s much more likely to overheat, which can cause damage to the inner parts of your AC unit. While this damage may not be immediately visible, it can lead to a shorter lifespan for your AC.

  1. Replace the Air Filter Frequently

Your AC’s air filter is what keeps debris out of the system and air. Over time, this filter will become full of dirt, dust, and debris. If it isn’t replaced, it will make it harder for your AC to draw in and expel air. 

Replacing your AC’s air filter is a simple task that can do wonders at prolonging your AC’s lifespan. It should be done every three months or so in order to keep your AC happy and healthy, though if summer is particularly hot and you find yourself running your AC constantly, you may want to replace it every other month.

  1. Schedule Regular Tune-Ups

Many people don’t realize that scheduling routine AC service Orlando will help improve your AC’s lifespan. Even if nothing significant is wrong with your unit, routine maintenance will help identify any potential issues before they become a problem and help ensure that your AC unit is in good condition year-round.

A tune-up doesn’t need to be done every month. Once or twice a year will be enough to keep your AC happy, but as it gets older, you may want to schedule more frequent tune-ups and maintenance checks just to be safe.

  1. Remove Blockages

Your AC unit is at risk of blockage from numerous sources. Outside, there may be trees, bushes, plants, and twigs that get caught in or scrape the back of your AC unit. As you may expect, this is very harmful to your AC.

Similarly, there may be blockages indoors that make it hard for your AC to push air through your home. Appliances, furniture, or toys may cover air vents and block the airflow. Over time, dust and debris may settle in or over the vents, and this can also hinder airflow.

To prevent blockages, check outside near your AC and trim back any branches or bushes that may pose a problem. Indoors, move appliances and furniture off vents and vacuum over them every so often to remove dirt and dust.


Caring for your AC isn’t hard, and with a little extra work, you can make your AC last for longer than expected. Most importantly, keep your AC in good health by scheduling regular maintenance with us!