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Servicing your air conditioning is a key factor in maintaining it. Without proper servicing, your AC won’t be prepared for hot days and may struggle to perform. To reduce the risk of your air conditioner breaking when you need it most, you should be sure to schedule an air conditioning maintenance in Orlando before the worst weather comes.

But what exactly does that entail? When you call a technician to service your air conditioner, what should you expect? Here’s a look at what exactly an AC service consists of.

Servicing for Ducted Air Conditioners

When servicing a ducted air conditioning system, our technician will ensure that all of the wall controller functions work properly. This includes checking the clock settings, temperature, and modes. After this, our technician will ensure the system itself is working well.

Our technician will look at all the zones of your system to guarantee consistent, filtered airflow throughout the house. They’ll clean or replace any filters that need it and then check for any debris that may be stuck in the ducts. 

Finally, they will check the condensation drain to ensure nothing is blocking it, as a blocked drain can lead to severe water damage.

Servicing for a Split Air Conditioner

The first step in servicing a split air conditioning system is to check the handheld remote and ensure it is functioning properly. This covers the clock setting, time and date, temperature, and modes. 

Once the remote has been checked, the technician then closely examines the airflow, running pressure, and condensate grill. If the grill is blocked, the technician will remove the debris to avoid indoor water damage that can be caused by blocked condensate running down the wall. Lastly, the filters are cleaned or replaced.

What Parts Will a Technician Look at When Servicing My AC?

No matter what type of air conditioning system you have, there are certain parts that will always need to be checked. Any good technician will look at all these parts and be able to clean, repair, or replace them if necessary.

Air Filters

To keep the air quality good inside your home, air conditioning systems use air filters to block debris and contaminants that may harm your health. Over time, the debris will build up in the filters. Therefore, it’s important to clean out the filters often so that your air conditioning can continue working.

Evaporator Coil and Condenser

The evaporator coils and condenser in your air conditioning system may get dirty and dusty with time. To prevent your system from overheating, our technician will clean both parts so that your AC is able to run safely and efficiently.


There’s a condensation drain in your air conditioning system that’s very important. Without it, condensation will build up and run and leak where you don’t want it to. Our technician will be able to clear out the drain and ensure there isn’t any risk of pooling or leakage.

Pipes and Tubes

It’s important that any pipes and tubes in your air conditioning system are tight and leak-free. While our technician is inspecting the rest of your system, they’ll also check all pipes and tubes to make sure they’re on tight and there aren’t any cracks, breaks, or disconnects. This will help reduce the risk of leakage while your air conditioner is running.


During an air conditioning service, our technician will do their best to check every part of your system. They’ll make sure it’s ready for the summer heat and won’t break down unexpectedly. To have a worry-free summer, be sure to call us before the heat rolls in.