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When the weather gets hot, the big task of keeping everybody cool at home lies on your AC system. An AC system that works optimally and is regularly tuned-up is vital to your family’s health and comfort, so you need to ensure that it’s well-maintained by your regular AC servicing company in Central Florida. If you’re unsure of the signs that your AC needs to be serviced, take a look at these 3 main signs.

3 Main Signs That Your AC Is Due For a Service

It’s Blowing Warm Air

Air conditioners are supposed to blow cool air into your home to lower the indoor temperature. A significant sign that your air conditioner may need to be serviced is when it begins to blow out hot or warm air rather than cool air.

There are two main reasons your air conditioner may be blowing out warm air. Your air conditioner could have a broken compressor or a refrigerant leak. Either way, you need to call our HVAC technicians to assess your system. Don’t ignore the issue, as your AC would have to work extra hard to cool down your home, potentially causing more significant and costly damages down the road.

It’s Making Weird Sounds

It’s normal for your AC to make quiet sounds when it’s turning on or shutting down, but your AC needs to be fixed if it starts making loud, unusual noises. 

Be on the lookout for grinding or screeching sounds that are out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, these noises are often the result of loose parts, broken components, or a damaged compressor, so don’t ignore the issue.

It’s Leaking Water Around The Unit

Finding water leaking out around your air conditioner is not normal and requires further investigation from an HVAC expert, as it’s likely leaked refrigerant, which is poisonous.

All air conditioners rely on refrigerant to run properly, which allows your air conditioner to produce cool air. However, this refrigerant can cause damage to your home if too much leaks out, and is left in a puddle. Leaked refrigerant can also form ice within your AC unit, which can lead to more damage or cause your AC not to blow out cool air properly.

Sometimes, it’s possible that the water leak may be due to condensation caused by a blocked or damaged tube. No matter the cause, an AC unit that’s leaking needs to be fixed by a specialist.

More Signs to Look Out For

The three reasons above are some of the more significant and common signs that your air conditioner needs to be serviced, but there are other signs that you should be aware of. Some of them include:

  • Bad or strange odors coming from the air conditioning unit
  • A weak airflow
  • Your air conditioner is unable to control moisture levels
  • Your electric bill is higher than normal
  • The thermostat is not working

All of these can be signs that your air conditioner needs maintenance. If you find that any of these apply to your air conditioner, call our HVAC technicians to come out and take a look at your air conditioner.

Call Our AC Technicians Today

Air conditioners are vital in keeping your home cool during the hotter months. When you start noticing some troubling signs from your air conditioner, it’s vital to contact our HVAC technicians, so we can come out and fix your system. Don’t ignore AC issues, thinking that they’ll go away. Instead, it’s prudent to address any problems, however minor they seem, so they don’t turn into more significant and costly fixes.