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You might assume that as long as you hear your AC working, it’s fine. The truth is, even if it appears to work, your home might not be cooling off as it should be if your AC is leaking. If you notice that your AC isn’t working as effectively, it might be time to check for signs of a refrigerant leak.

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Signs of Refrigerant Leak in Your AC

Don’t let a refrigerant leak lead to an increase in your electric bills—not when you can do a quick check around to see some of these signs. Just make sure to get your AC fixed so that it can continue to circulate cool air throughout your home.

Loss of Cooling

If you notice a loss in cooling power, it could be because the refrigerant is leaking. This could mean that it’s taking longer for your AC to cool your home or just that it’s not blowing cold air, but either way, it will be noticeable. If anything, just hold your hand up to the unit to check if anything cold is coming out.

Hissing Noise

You might not even notice it at first, but take a second to listen to your AC unit. You might notice some hissing noises. This happens if the refrigerant is leaking, although it could also indicate a few other problems. If you hear any other noises, like a gurgling sound, this could be a sign that the leak is rather significant.

Water Leakage

Do you see any ice building up on the copper lines or evaporator coils? This is a sign that the refrigerant is leaking, which leaks to the copper lines and evaporator coils absorbing a lot of heat, leading to condensation and then freezing. Ultimately, any signs of water or ice are not good.

Wear and Tear

Check around your unit to see what condition it’s in. If it doesn’t look like it’s in the best shape or if you’re seeing tubes or coils deteriorating, this is a sign that it needs some upkeep anyway. This is also a sign that you might have more problems than just the refrigerant.

Electric Bills

Unfortunately, a refrigerant leak often means a higher electric bill. Your electric bills might appear higher, even though you can’t remember turning on the AC higher than usual. It might be because your refrigerant is leaking, which means that your AC is staying on for longer in the effort to keep your home cool. You can check your bill to see if you’re paying more than you should be.


If you suspect your AC leaking refrigerant, call in a professional to find that leak. It’s not advisable to attempt to remedy the problem yourself. As trained professionals, we have the experience and can give the entire system a thorough check. A leak is often not a singular, standalone problem. It often leads to other issues as well, and if those are not spotted quickly, you might be looking at a more significant AC repair bill. 

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