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You probably aren’t using your AC during the winter, so is it necessary or worth it to spend the time and money getting a tune up?

Yes, it is. Actually, winter might just be the best time for you to get your air conditioning serviced, since you’ll want to get a tune up at least once a year. You may not need that AC right now, but you’ll be glad you got it checked out when the summer rolls around.

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Is an AC Tune up Worth It During the Winter?

You should definitely think about getting your AC tuned up during the winter. It’s much easier to get it checked out when you don’t actually need it working.

In terms of what you might expect, your technician will look through your entire system to check that it’s working correctly and providing you with more efficiency. This means that they’ll look at the refrigerant level, clean up the condenser coils, and both clean and tighten any electrical connections. All of this cleaning goes a long way in keeping dirt and grime from building and keeping your unit operating correctly.


If you call for a tune up in the winter, you likely won’t need to wait very long for a technician to come out to see you. That’s because fewer people are booking, although you might still have a wait time.

The good thing is: even if you have to wait, you won’t be waiting in the hot and humid weather. You’ll be all ready for the heat in the summer.

Winter Chill

Let’s say that there’s a big issue with your AC, or there’s something that really does need to be fixed or updated. If you wait for the summer to roll around, you’d have to wait in the discomfort and heat while it gets fixed.

In the winter, though, you don’t need the AC anyway. Your technician can check the unit and provide you with updates without waiting impatiently the entire time.


Getting your AC repaired during the off-season means a more convenient process, and no worries about spending your summer sweating. It also means a lower cost for you.

Many air conditioning companies offer lower rates and discount rates for service during the winter, mainly because fewer people are using their AC at the time. Not to mention that if you need any repairs to your unit, it’s likely that those will be less costly as well.


During the winter, you don’t need to worry about waiting in the heat for your repairs—which means you might have a little more patience for minor tweaks and tune ups. These little tweaks can make your unit more efficient so that when you do need it during the summer, you’ll find that it works like new.

A Better Unit

Just getting your AC serviced in general is one of the best ways to extend the life of your unit. Whether you get it looked at in the summer or the winter, getting a technician to inspect it will ensure that there are no leaks or breaks, and that it will continue to last as long as it should.

Ultimately, this will save you some money on repairs. It will cost less money to get a simple repair than getting something more complex done, after all.


Getting a tune up for your AC during the winter is one of the best things you can do—both for your unit and your wallet. Save some time and money by getting your AC repaired during the off-season. You’ll certainly be glad you got it looked at when summer rolls around, and your unit has no problems!