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There’s no doubt that your AC makes a significant difference during the hot seasons. However, just like anything else, there are certain common issues that AC units tend to face. It’s worth familiarizing yourself with these possible AC repair issues so you’d know when to give us a call.

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Most Common AC Repair Issues

Clogged Filter

Sometimes, the filter of your AC unit might get clogged up. Your unit is working hard, after all, to cool and filter the air. All you need to do is change and clean your filter depending on whether your filter is reusable or not.

Some filters will need to be changed each month, while others require a switch every three months. There are some that are reusable and can be cleaned out before being reinserted. Regardless of what type of filter your AC has, schedule your regular AC maintenance with us and we’ll handle it for you.


The capacitor is the part of your AC unit that helps cool your air. Let’s say that your unit is running, but the air it’s blowing out just isn’t cold—that’s often a sign that your capacitor is not working properly.

The capacitor helps the electric motors in your unit start and run, giving the unit a boost of energy so that the entire unit works. They can weaken as the years go by and if not replaced, they could cause other issues inside your AC unit.

Refrigerant Leaking

Air conditioning refrigerant leaking is another common issue. Take note that refrigerant tends to leave a colored stain, and it’s often a slow leak. You may also notice that your AC seems to have to work harder to achieve the temperature you want.

Call our professional AC technicians as soon as possible to check out that leak. We’ll track down the source of the problem, which could be clogged drainage pipes or malfunctioning condensate pumps. Neglecting the issue can also lead to low refrigerant levels that can then damage your AC compressor.


The drain line in your unit can be clogged. Your AC unit will filter out particles in your air, so it makes sense that it can end up clogged with dirt, dust, and lint. If this happens, the drain pan will fill up, and water can leak, causing damage to the electrical components of your system.


Your AC unit includes two types of coils: evaporator and condenser coils. The evaporator coils absorb the heat in the air and send it back into the house as cold air. The condenser coils sit outside the house to help in this process.

Both of these coils can be corroded due to the weather or age. They need to be replaced or cleaned regularly to keep your unit working well.


Unfortunately, quite a lot can go wrong with your AC unit, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. With regular maintenance, you can ensure that your AC will work properly all throughout the summer to stave off the heat. Just make sure to call our AC experts to handle any of these AC issues so that you can be sure everything is repaired properly.