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Your AC is a lifesaver when the hotter months come around, and your home is your only temperature-controlled location. Whether you work from home or you’re only around in the evenings, having a cool home in the summer is essential. However, summer is also when your AC is under the most stress and could lead to a significant Florida AC service.

While you can never completely prevent a costly AC repair, there are a few steps you can take to help reduce the risk or catch it before it gets out of hand.

Steps You Can Take To Avoid Costly AC Service

  1. Keep an Eye on the Air Filter

Your air filter is relatively easy to check and keep an eye on, so be sure to do so. If it gets too clogged up with dirt and debris, it can lead to other more expensive AC repairs. 

When your air filter is clogged, your AC must work even harder to deliver cool air to your home. In the summer, when temperatures are high and your AC is already working over time, this can lead to burnout and wear down other parts of the AC very quickly. Common issues caused by clogged air filters include overheating and fan deterioration. 

  1. Take Note of Weird Changes or Noises

If you start to notice that your AC’s making a strange sound, don’t wait to have it checked out. Strange sounds often only occur once a problem has been present for a while. If you wait even longer before having it checked out, the issue will only get worse.

Strange noises are often caused by issues deeper within your AC and should only be addressed by professionals. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally damage your AC further and that the issue is fixed properly the first time around.

  1. Schedule Routine Maintenance

One of the best ways to ensure that costly issues don’t arise is by scheduling routine maintenance. During the off-season, have a technician come and give your AC a thorough check-up and perform routine maintenance repairs. This will prevent issues from arising or getting worse.

Common maintenance repairs include cleaning the condenser coils and drain line, checking and cleaning the condensate drain, checking the fan, changing the air filter, and checking the refrigerant. While these are all relatively minor fixes, it’s important you schedule them so that they don’t break down during the hot season and cause other, more expensive repairs. 

  1. Ensure the Surroundings of the Unit Is Clear

To avoid putting extra strain on your AC unit, ensure there’s no debris in its way. If you have an AC unit that sits in a window, clear any branches or leaves that could block the fan or cause issues. If you have a central AC system, ensure all vents are clear, and there isn’t any furniture or decor in the way.

While keeping the unit clear of debris won’t prevent every possible issue, it will reduce the risk of your AC overheating or the air filter getting blocked up. In turn, this will prevent your system from being overworked, which will wear down your AC faster than anticipated.

  1. Use a Smart Thermostat

Another way to prevent your AC from being overworked is to use a smart thermostat. While you’re away or during the cooler part of the day, a smart thermostat will reduce the workload taken on by your AC and, in turn, ensure your AC isn’t under any additional or unnecessary strain.

Call Ambrose Air for Your AC Repair Needs

Your AC is vital when temperatures rise, but costly AC repairs can be the downfall of any unsuspecting homeowner. Fortunately, by paying a little extra attention to your AC system and scheduling routine maintenance, you can prevent the biggest and most costly issues from catching you off guard once they’ve become really expensive to repair. Don’t hesitate to call us if you notice any of the above signs in your AC, and we’ll come to assess your system.