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It May Be Time to Consider a Ductless AC System

As we endure the heat of the hotter months, you might be rethinking your current AC system. Most people have central AC systems which have served them well over the years, but ductless AC systems are increasing in popularity nowadays. Quite simply, they offer a range...

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Why You Should Consider Upgrading to a Smart HVAC System

What Are SEER Ratings and Why Are They Important?

SEER ratings are a crucial factor to consider when you’re looking to purchase an air conditioning or heat pump system. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which measures the cooling efficiency of the system. In essence, the higher the SEER rating, the...

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The Impact of Humidity on Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning is unquestionably a godsend during the high summer heat, but many people are unaware that with this summer heat, humidity can also arrive. While some areas are always hot and humid, many are dry, and people forget about the problems humidity can...

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Installing HVAC Zones in Your Home or Business

Hiring a HVAC company in Orlando to install HVAC zones in your home or business can provide a more comfortable living or working environment and help reduce energy costs. Essentially, HVAC zoning allows you to control the temperature and airflow in different areas of...

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What Steps Can I Take To Avoid Costly AC Service?

Your AC is a lifesaver when the hotter months come around, and your home is your only temperature-controlled location. Whether you work from home or you’re only around in the evenings, having a cool home in the summer is essential. However, summer is also when your AC...

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3 Signs That You Need Your Air Conditioning Serviced

3 Signs That You Need Your Air Conditioning Serviced

When the weather gets hot, the big task of keeping everybody cool at home lies on your AC system. An AC system that works optimally and is regularly tuned-up is vital to your family’s health and comfort, so you need to ensure that it’s well-maintained by your regular...

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